Zambian President Michael Sata has described the victory of the newly elected President of the Republic of Malawi as a genuine confidence that the people of Malawi have entrusted in him to guide the country forward.
Sata said this in a press statement.

“The peaceful process of the change of power demonstrates the maturity of democracy in Malawi as well as the aspirations of the people of Malawi to live in continued peace and harmony.

“As the Malawian people celebrate the victory, I wish to reaffirm my government’s desire to maintain the excellent fraternal relations that already exist between our two sisterly countries,” President Sata said.

Through the same statement  Sata vowed  to work closely with Professor Mutharika in exploring new areas of cooperation for mutual benefit of the people of the two countries.

Peter Mutharika was sworn in  as the fifth President of the republic of Malawi over the weekend at Blantyre High Court.

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