About ten Students from Katsakula  Secondary School in Ntchisi have been suspended from school for allegedly holding unlawful demonstrations, destroying school properties in the process.

The students were protesting against poor diet hence demanding for the removal of the Headmaster Mr Frank Kadziche.

The development comes barely weeks after students from Kasungu Secondary also vandalized the school due what the students called ‘introduction of laws that are not in favour of the students at the School’.

The students smashed the Headmasters office, Library and School blocks.

Speaking in an interview with our reporter, One of the Students who opted for anonymity said they organized the demonstration to show their anger over the matter

Meanwhile the Headmaster Mr  Kadziche denied to comment on the matter saying he was not ready.




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  1. Oh that’s ingenious! Destroying school property – honestly, some people really don’t deserve a decent education – it certainly doesn’t seem to teach them how to behave intelligently. Make them pay for the property they destroyed!

  2. In spite of being of smaller ages, the modern students are more aggressive than what we were during our time. Maybe because we were taught discipline not these days when teachers drink beer together with students


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