Zimbabwe lamps and gas cylinders which were borrowed and used during the controversial May 20 tripartite election are feared to have been destroyed in a fearless fire that have raised down Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) warehouse in Lilongwe.

According to information gathered by FaceofMalawi indicate that the fire started around 24.00hrs after unknown car invaded the premises and dropped something which is suspected to be a petrol bomb.

In a press statement, MEC Chief Elections Officer Willie Kalonga earlier said the commission is currently treating the fire as normal incident until the cause of the fire is established.

Kalonga said among the items which were in the gutted warehouse include about 1,500 ballot boxes, gas cylinders and gas lamps (which were borrowed from Zimbabwe Electoral Commission), generators, furniture and stationery.

Meanwhile Malawians are keenly waiting to known the truth about the matter and see if Justice will take its cost.

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