A seasoned politician Humphrey Mvula has described the idea to by Members of Parliament to establish the office of former speaker of parliament as a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Mvula was quoted saying this at one of the local media house in  the country (Ufulu Fm),reacting to the story one of the local daily papers carried over the Weekend.

The paper discovered a letter dated May 19 2014 from the Secretary for Human Resource Management and Development to the Clerk of Parliament to authorizes the national Assembly to create posts for the office of the former speakers.

“I have worked in government from the time of Kamuzu Banda but there was no such idea because there was no necessity to have such an office that is why there is nothing of that sort in our Constitution. I mean, if indeed this office is setup what will stop us from creating an office for former leaders of opposition in the house and other former`s offices?

“Malawians will soon be celebrating 50 years of independence but our major problem is lack of money so it would be unwise to divert the little that we have to such unnecessary offices when we are even failing to buy medicine in our hospitals and our children are still learning under trees,” said Mvula.

Mvula further said if the Bill is passed into law then the dream of reducing expenses by having 20 member Cabinet adopted by President Mutharika will be in vain.

According to the politician the best thing to do for an ex speaker is to give them the deserved respect and that they maintain their titles as formers.

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  1. Why only the speaker’s office? Is this an appeasement strategy? Why not create an office for former Ambassador as well? This should not be approved by parliament.


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