Malawians who buy Japanese cars on the internet can now have all the reason to smile after it has been revealed that Be Forward, a leading Japanese Car Exporter Company is planning to open its offices in the country following the deal signed by Malawi government.

The deal will help Malawians not to be affected by forex scarcity as they will be allowed to buying the cars using the local currency.

The deal was enhanced by Malawi Ambassador to Japan Reuben Ngwenya.

Ngwenya disclosed the news during his recent visit to the country and thanked the Company for its interest.

“Malawians import over 600 cars from Be Forward on monthly basis and we rarely receive complaints, unlike other car dealers,” said Ngwenya.

Ngwenya said that a deal was struck for the company to open an office, preferably in Lilongwe.
“This would help Malawians to pay for their cars in local currency and alleviate the burden of forex issues.

“The office would also enable that cars bought are delivered to Lilongwe by Be Forward staff,” adding that “this would be a cheaper delivery service than going to Tanzania as per current practice, “said the Ambassador.

Although other Malawians are happy with the new development, some cars dealers in the country have expressed worry over the coming in of the company saying, it will robe them off the business as many Malawians will be rushing to the new Company because of cheap prices.

Meanwhile a new website where you can purchase used cars has been established in Malawi and running on this Facebook Page here.

Visit the page for more information

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