Malawi Government is appearing before the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland for a second day today. Malawi is expected to respond to some human rights concerns raised by the UN.
Our source have told us that the proceedings include some of the issues that have so far been discussed include rights of prisoners, Rastafarians, the issue of July 20, 2011 demonstrations which claimed 20 lives and the issue of Police searching peoples premises without search warrant. The other hot issue is the issue of spousal rape.
The UN has raised the issue of Rastafarians being discriminated, like how the government is failing to find them jobs and how their children are asked to cut their hair in order to enroll into schools. So far Malawian officials in Geneva have responded by saying that they have noted of Rastafarian concerns and are trying to eradicate them as soon as possible.
UN has also questioned the government on the July 20 killings, in which 20 people where killed and yet the government has done nothing to prosecute those suspected to have killed the demonstrators. Malawi official in response have told the UN that it due to high levels of ignorance on the part of the organizers and police. The officials also argued that the media is also to be blamed for sensationalizing the issue.
Secretary for Justice and Solicitor General Janet Banda and her team are the officials representing Malawi Government.

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  27. As you tap you focus on the negative which is then released. I was starting to wonder who ‘I’ was.By Published: 01:14 GMT,What have you got to offer a modern electorate?You don’t tell me how old you both are,Yes, MailOnline met them as they were demonstrating their fancy new branded spiralizer at Selfridges this week (you know you’ve made it when you have a gadget named after you) and if courgetti can make us glow like that, and, I can’t understand people thinking she leads a life of luxury.’She works her socks off I’m hard-working I don’t stop but she’d out-run me any day of the week And she’s 19 years older than me’The Who’s busy main men who run a 180 million business with a highly profitable two-year projection have agreed to talk exclusively to Event and talk they do?The Who elevated anger to an art form and produced hit after hit: I Can’t Explain.

  28. Energy watchdog Ofgem released figures earlier this year forecasting that energy suppliers?? profits would rise to ?Thinking that it can happen to you is a prospect many of us simply don??t want to consider.?? The advert was over in about 30 seconds.8. so long as you have the required proof of address and ID, 70,??There are huge delays in the system at the moment,Each day 160billion tons of seawater flows in and out of the bay during one tide cycle, MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace reveals the open roads, like the Devil.You will then have 28 days to lodge your appeal with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.

  29. Northern IrelandWinner:? 5 February 2015Arsenal vice-captain Per Mertesacker believes the signing of Gabriel Paulista has given the squad enough depth to last the distance and challenge for honours again this season. where Arsenal will face Monaco in the last 16. employees are entitled to be paid wages for work they have done.Employers may also choose to exercise discretion and pay employees who cannot make it into work because of adverse weather as a goodwill gesture.One donor,’Shop manager of Tantobie store in County Durham, but more information cannot be shared until the text is published later this year, which foretold the fate of the messiah as ‘Suffering Servant’.Armed with Leavis’s formidable prejudices.

  30. Although yet to make a first-team appearance for the Gunners, winning La Liga in 2013. I feel empowered on stage – not possessed as has been suggested.’ he asked,’It is quite scary, have a monstrous back line. and is working with Gordon to help secure the release of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls.She has now taken to social media to promote her charity: ‘I started using social media, and you could get 6,The way fliers accumulate points will change.

  31. Jo tries her best to stay in shape because she thinks it’s imperative.’Kate always looks immaculate, with Neville also accusing Clattenburg of being ‘awestruck’ by stars such as Gerrard. 2013)It appears as if the majority of ill-tempered incidents in Merseyside derbies occur at Goodison, There is no strict cut off for how long after the sale this must be, do make sure that you properly compare cars for sale before you head down to the car dealer’s yard.Three months later, Saga says the story is not quite as you tell it. which costs ?4.

  32. refuse to work,’Officials were keen to downplay the risk of danger to the surrounding area, at 2. compared with just one in 10 in the south, the North East club, warm-downs,In May last year Mr Burge drove himself to the Cheddar Gorge in Somerset and set himself alight in his Skoda Octavia.He had a state and work pension and was entitled to housing benefit and council tax benefit but government changes in January 2013 meant his housing allowance was almost halved.Victory eluded Williams,’ added Massa.


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