Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) will today conduct vote recount in three polling Centres in Lilongwe City South South East Constituency.
The development comes following an order  granted by the High Court in a case in which Malawi Congress Party (MCP) parliamentary candidate, Mr Ulemu Msungama is challenging results for the constituency in which Democratic Progressive Party candidate won the election.
The recount will take place at the MEC warehouses located at Central Government Stores building, off-Paul Kagame Highway in Lilongwe anytime from now.
The vote recount will be done in the following centres; Chilinde school (polling station code: 13422), City assembly Site office (polling station code: 13426) and Mlodza F.P. school (polling station code 13537) .

The May 20 tripartite election which was the first of its kind in Malawi history was marred by several irregularities that made certain political parties such as MCP, former ruling Peoples Party (PP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) to ask for re-count.

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