Parliament is expected to be adjourned today amid mixed reaction from various stakeholders on the performance of the house.
Among the notable issues that have happened in the August house during its four Weeks of seating is; the election of Speaker of the House Mr Richard Msowoya Vice President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) beating Francis Katsaila of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).
The election of two deputy Speakers hounarable Clement Chiwaya and Esther Mcheka Chilenje Nkhoma.
The other issue which was brought in the house was the presentation of the State of the National Address by President Professor Author Peter Mutharika which raised some controversy in the house with opposition rebelling is ‘as some that cannot be implement on the ground’.
The other issue was the passing of provisional Budget to allow government to obtain K210 billion from Treasury to effectively carry its operations while waiting for the full National Budget to be ready in September.
Speaking in an interview, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe expressed satisfaction with the Parliament has performed in its first seating.
Meanwhile Parliament will resume seating in September where Parliamentarians will debate on the 2014/2015 National Budget and probably and pass it.

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