Afro rapper/singer, Piksy, has finally released his latest awaited music video “Tsoka Liyenda” which supposed to be released last month.
Piksy said, he sincerely regrets not being able to release the video sooner as he did not want to compromise the quality as it’s a video of its kind.
“It’s a video that has never happened in Malawi. Totally new things,” claimed the artist who is fondly known as CCNB among his adoring fans.
The track has been released on behalf of the whole langwan movement, he said. He further added by appreciating the support his been getting from his fans.
“We had to undergo extensive rehearsal before the video shoot and it’s the best video I’ve ever given Malawi and all my fans,” said piksy.
“Tsoka Liyenda” is Piksy first single off his upcoming album titled “Mnthunzi”. His second single off the album, due for release in summer, is called “Maloto”.
The video was directed and produced by Eric Chandilanga aka Eric Chan.
You can download the track from or you can stream it live from YouTube.

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