Malawi’s music artist, Skeffa Chimoto, and the Real Sounds band left Lilongwe on Wednesday on a three-week long tour to Botswana, South Africa and Zambia.
The artist and his 10-member band are expected to kickoff their tour with a show in Gaborone, Botswana, at Phakalame Golf Estate, on 18 July.
From Botswana, Skeffa & the Real Sounds band will be heading to South African where they are scheduled to have three shows. On 18 July; they are expected to perform at the Palace Of Joy, Randburg, before heading for Khoisan Lounge, Yeoville the following day.
They are expected bid farewell to South African with a show at De Equator in Johannesburg on 20 July.
The Malawian musicians will end their SADC tour with a trip to Zambia where they are dated to perform at the Lusaka Gala Festival which runs from the 26th to 27th July.
“This tour means people are appreciating what we are doing but at the same time it’s a wakeup call telling us that people are watching and supporting us out there,” said Skeffa.
“We have to put an extra gear otherwise this has to be the beginning of a journey and we don’t have to be contented but work extra harder to reach and make a better and bigger fan base,” said the Lilongwe-based musician.
“Our fans in those three countries should expect some bombshell performances. We are very much ready and very anxious. We can’t wait,” said Skeffa.

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