Angry mob in Manja Township in Blantyre on Tuesday afternoon took the law into their own hands by torching down a car belonging to a murder suspect Ali Kaka Chinemba who allegedly killed David Kazuwa Banda.

Chinemba is said to have killed Banda, 20 with a pump gun after accusing him of blocking the way to his house in Manja with a lorry.

After shooting the deceased, Ali Kaka rushed to Soche Police Station in Blantyre where he handed himself.

But resident reacted harshly as they burnt down a car which was parked outside his house while others took advantage of the situation to steal property from the house.

And by the law enforcers from Soche and Blantyre Police stations showed up to disperse the angry mob, the house had already been swept.

Southern Region Police spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa confirmed of the development and said no one has been arrested on the fracas.

Ali Kaka, is one of the close associates of former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara and contested for Blantyre City South Constituency and lost to fellow independent Allan Ngumuya.

Ali kaka, aged 35, hails from Makuta 1 village in Traditional Authority Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota while the deceased hails from Chatulo village in Traditional Authority (T/A) in eastern district of Mangochi.

Ali Kaka who has been charged with murder is currently being remanded at Chichiri Prison in Blantyre.

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