Former President Joyce Banda has pleaded with the Mutharika government to let her have access to state house in Lilongwe and Sanjika palace so that she gets her belongings that she left at the two places as she was leaving the royal palaces at the end of her tenure.

According to online media reports, Banda has written the acting Chief of Staff that she be allowed to access her things that she left behind at the royal palaces as her departure was a hurried one.

Banda claims that among other things she forgot her linen and a container that contained medication for her.

Meanwhile some people have rubbished Banda’s claims wondering why after four months she is remembering now that she forgot things at the state residences.

Others have indicated that Banda is becoming an attention seeker as her remarks are coming on the heels of her claims that the DPP stole the election from her but she did let the party get away with that to avoid bloodshed.

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  1. well understood.was she chased out of the state residences?learn to view things on both angles.she had all the time to take whatever was hers then.munthuyu ndi mfiti.

  2. No time for u JB at sanjika or state house enough is enough now what u forget for witches ur herbalist he must go away this APM is ruling with sprit of god we want to finish all satans so take care

  3. Is the title of this story leading us anyway? There is something wrong with the author. One needs to write what is on the ground not what you think. Out of hands is the author what are you trying to catch?


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