Former President Joyce Banda for the first time has spoken about her defeat in the May 20 polls claiming that she did not suffer defeat but was robbed off victory by the current government.

In an interview with the New African Magazine, Banda has been quoted as saying that she did not lose the election but had reports that some of her supporters were frustrated with the delay in the release of the results and were planning violence together with supporters of other parties.

Banda has been quoted as saying that some of the people had petrol bombs and if she had not conceded then Malawi would have been on fire.

Malawians on May 20 voted Banda out of office but due to shock Banda had tried to cling on to power but had miserably failed and she eventually gave up with time.

Banda has since been shunning the media but this time she has opened up. Currently, she is out of the country on a holiday after reports were rife that her arrest was imminent.

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  1. a Joyce Banda ndiinu munapangitsa kuti DPP ibere mavoti. Ife sitidzakukhululukiranso. How could you allow thieves and killers to take over power in government? When Peter was in opposition, he used to say; he will start war with Tanzania because of the lake, now the story is different. The same with coupons for fertilisers, he is using the same old coupons. This man cheated Malawians.

  2. Amai why speeking about elections now? Don’t you have other important issue to address as a person? What are you going to benefit Mama? Remember Silence is golden!

  3. Komadi why did she fear bloodshed while she is a woman? Malawians will leave to rembeber the most mediocre president in JB. Fans ina yopepera inali zida lendelende kumulondola as if she had any substance. Ngati mukuti munaberedwa DPP ili ku opposition, what signal do you give since it is in government? Ndiye mudzaitha DPPyo mtsogolo muno a chilindasiwa inu? Kupusa!


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