The newly appointed Director of the office of Public Asset Declaration lawyer Christopher Tukula has vowed to discharged his duties according to public expectation.

Tukula said this just after receiving his appointment letter.

“The country in general and the Public Appointments Committee in particular expect the highest level of professionalism from the holder of this position given the background to the creation of this office by Parliament and I promise to live up to that expectation”, he said.

Parliament on Wednesday officially announced the appointment of Tukula to the office which will be responsible for receiving and verifying declarations of assets of public officers, including the President and members of Parliament (MPs).

The appointment is in partial fulfilment of Section 7 of Public Officers Declaration of Assets, Liabilities and Business Interests) Act which states that public officers must submit details of their assets within three months of being appointed or elected.

Tukula who is the first person to hold this position in the country will be deputized by Michael Chiusiwa

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