The former ruling Peoples’ Party (PP) has dismissed as lies remarks made by its leader Joyce Banda.

In an interview with an international publication, Banda who also happens to be the former President of Malawi indicated that supporters of her party were up in arms to go violent due to the delay in the results of the elections and that is why she conceded defeat.

Banda divulged that there were petrol bombs made by the youths of the party and were to be used had she been late in conceding defeat and MEC were still to be delaying the results.

However, in an interview with a local radio station PP’s spokesperson Ken Msonda said that Banda was off point as no youth of the PP was planning violence.

Msonda said that PP is a peace loving party and he therefore saw no need for it to be engaging in violent acts.

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1 ndemanga

  1. PP Msonda, do not refute what your leader has said. Joyce Banda and he sisters were found of violence in their lives. Do you know what Joyce Banda did to Mrs Mary Nkosi after she had an affair with late Mr Nkosi?
    Do you know why Mrs Nkosi was removed from the Reserve Bank? Stop defending this criminal.


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