A suspected Ebola case has been recorded at Kitwe Central Hospital on the Copperbelt, Zambia.

The patient, a twenty five -year old female, has since been isolated at Garnerton clinic in Kitwe.

But the Copperbelt provincial medical office has ruled out possibilities of the case being Ebola.

In a statement Copperbelt Provincial medical officer Dr Consity Mwale said the patient presented signs of Ebola such as coughing, sneezing and vomiting that commenced a month ago indicating that the case is unlikely to be Ebola.

Dr Mwale further stated that investigations by the medical officers on the patient revealed that the patient also had a history of vomiting blood and passing blood stained stool.

He however stated that the patient did not complain of any fever and had not been in contact with an Ebola patient and had also not traveled to any Ebola affected regions recently.

However the patient has since been transferred from Kitwe Central Hospital to the isolation centre at Garnerton clinic, said Dr Mwale.

He described the condition of the patient as stable after being put on antibiotics and fluids treatment.

He also stated that the patient’s blood samples are yet to be tested for Ebola virus.

And Dr Mwale has assured members of the public of protection from Ebola outbreak through the measures that have been instituted by the Ministry of Health and Community Development, Mother and Child Health.

Ebola has broken out in some West African countries where it has killed over a thousand people while in the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC new cases have also been recorded.

No confirmed Ebola case has so far been recorded in Zambia so far and so are still awaiting reports from the suspected patient as to see if she indeed is suffering from ebola.

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