Malawi President Peter Muthalika, who is currently in New York, USA, attending United Nations General Assembly, is angry with what his Vice President, Saulos Chilima, has done by changing his security detail while he is away.

Saulos Chilima decided to change his security after some body guards were imposed on him like Cement Glue so that they can be reporting to him on whatsoever his moves are up to.

FOM has sourced that the security detail were all given Dictaphones to be recording whatsoever Saulosi Chilima discusses with others especially concerning his political future as he is not wanted in DPP where he is regarded as a stranger, who has never been a member of DPP.

It is also alleged that Chilima, recently told his friends that he can see light at the end of the tunnel, remarks, which rang into the heads of the DPP inner circle and brought discomfort amongst them.

Chilima is said to be a clever and cleaner Politician. He plays his politics in a smart way plays as he is currently sponsoring a group called Friends of Chilima whose aim is to fight against the Lomwe Tribe which has no respect for him.

So far the names of the security detail that Chilima has trusted remains a mystery, but recently the VP at Civo stadium during National Prayers for Peace, was spotted using former Minister of Justice Khumbo Kachali’s former bodyguard.

According to insider sources, there is heavy battle going on in DPP and Chilima does not want to be part of thugs who are there to swindle innocent Malawians as it has just happened that Muthalika has carried a delegation of 68 people composed of relatives of the president himself and his special assistant, Ben Phiri, which has surprised Chilima as to which manifesto Mutharika is using as they agreed to only involve technocrats and not bootlickers at the expense of innocent Malawians who are very poor.

These developments are more likely to confirm a recent Prophecy made by Prophet Austin Liyabunya which says that Chilima, will during the 2019 elections, going to be picked by another party, which will unfortunately is going to lose but after the loss, Chilima will join the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), where he will work hand in hand with Malawi’s 2019 President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

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  1. God is great. Chilima helped in rigging the 20th May, election and now he is paying the price. We cannot sympathise with a man who does not feel sorry for others. He can kill to get his way. May God continue to teach this boy

  2. Chilima adachita bwino kusintha anthu omuteteza. Ndalama zomwe tikulipira anthuwa siza ALhomwe koma a Malawi choncho musayike moyo wa Chilima pachiswe angulu inu!


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