As cases involving the plundering of public funds at Capitol Hill continues in Courts, former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Treaser Namathanga-Senzani is expected to be sentenced to prison on October 2.

Namanthanga pleaded guilty to charges of theft of K63 million and money laundering.

High Court Judge Ivy Kamanga disclosed this on Monday during court seating in Lilongwe.

During the hearing, the defence through lawyer Necton Mhura asked for a lighter sentence as her client has been cooperative with the prosecution.

But the prosecutors from the Anti-Corruption Bureau demanded a maximum sentence of five years for theft and 10 years for money laundering, charges which the defence disputed.

Mhura said the convict ” could not be described as the worst offender because she pleaded guilty as an indication of remorse and contrition.”

Prosecutor Reyneck Matemba who is ACB deputy director, in his response, said that the court should pass custodial sentence because Senzani committed breach of trust as a controlling officer.

He added that Malawi government has lost donor aid because of her stealing.

The plundering of Public funds at Capitol Hill came to light when unknown thugs shot former budget director Mr. Paul Mphwiyo.

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