Popular Nigerian pastor, TB Joshua, has said there is a plan by international terrorist organisations to kidnap the pope Francis.

According to him, the terrorists will first attempt to hijack a plane on which the pope will be traveling and then re-route it.

He says the move will be widely publicised on international media platforms including CNN.

“First they will take the plane and it will be like they cannot locate it and then it will be like that. So we should pray so that it will just not end like that.

“This is another big attempt they want to pick. It’s an attempt they want to do now, so they have to tactically plan at every airport so that this thing does not happen,” Joshua announced in his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria.

“I as a man of God, am praying about it but all Christians must pray too. The popular cleric am talking about is the pope. We must pray for him,” he told his congregation in a live service broadcast monitored by StarrFMonline.com Sunday September 7.

The “Man of God,” as Joshua is popularly called, is believed to have predicted many world events including the death of famous pop star Michael Jackson and the missing of Malaysian flight MH370.

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  1. Galu ameneyi amangolosera zoyipa bwanji? Ndiponso he is asatanic member 4mo info just search pagoogle(SATANIC MEMBERS) muchipeza chitsiru chimenechi.ndiye nonse amene mumamusatira TB,kaya zanuu izo.

  2. Can the MAN OF GOD help us how specifically we can work out with the boko haram problem?


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