Residents of Kanzati Village in the area Traditional Authority Phambala, in Ntcheu, recently intercepted Indian hemp dealers in the district.

FOM speaking to Police Public Relations Officer, Hastings Chigalu said the dealers abandoned a vehicle they were using after it broke down, a Toyota Noah, number plate BQ 8762 after they saw the villagers approaching.

“The villagers became suspicious upon noticing that the dealers were offloading bags from the vehicle into another vehicle, it was this time that the villagers rushed to the scene and then immediately dealers drove away with some bags leaving the faulted vehicle,” said Chigalu.

Chigalu further revealed that the villagers found six bags of Indian hemp, 50 Kilograms each in the abandoned vehicle and they later reported the issue to Ntcheu Police.

“We commended the community members for alerting the police otherwise we would not have intercepted the transportation of the illegal drug,” said Chigalu.

The owner of the vehicle has been identified and is currently in police custody at Ntcheu Police Station.

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