Police tie Manze the video show owner for show ponografy video to under adults

Police hear at Kasinje has tied Manze for being catched showing ponografy to under adults.Manze show video hear at Kasinje from 2007 after he return from Johaziberg.You pays K40 to see a video on his showroom.but when is ponografy he says you pay K60,a K20% increase.people fill not happy with overcharge but pay still because is ponografy.

Now thursday night Manze was showing ponografy when police come and see and there mouth open,eyes very open and asked:why Manze are you do this?Manze does not answer.police ask again,manze no answer again.police then told everybody to go out.person in the showroom go out with pointing trousers bcoz of elections for watching ponografy.Police arest manze.he say but police l can give money to you boss, police deny deny.

You and I shud clapp our hands for police for deny deny to be coruption.ponografy is very bad.it tooks away respect of woman and send boys like me to taste what we see.so is bad.police do good for deny coruption.I play president Muthalika my posting and maybe he can raise this police workers again like he do with police workers of Mzuzu he rescue money from thives. coruption is not good less all avoid.

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