Lilongwe City residents yesterday beat up DPP supporters around Kawale Market at Masintha where the party was having a rally.

Fracas ensued the Market when a host of thugs believed to be Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters invaded Masintha Ground and slapped and kicked DPP supporters who scampered towards the CCAP church for refuge.

The thugs shouted insults at President Mutharika saying he is a failure and he survives on rigging.

Soon after the rally, the thugs emerged again from the western side of Masintha Ground and threw stones at the supporters. Police officers were seen ignoring the occurrence as it is believed that they are angry with Mutharika for failing to raise their salaries with amounts he promised during campaign.

The DPP supporters turned on the police accusing them of entertaining violence by the thugs.

During the rally, Vice President, Saulos Chilima, accused DPP supporters of being cowards when attacked by other supporters from other parties.

The party is finding the going tough since it came to power as it does not have a popular mandate. Many Malawians from Central and Northern regions believe Mutharika rigged his way to State House and do not see him as their leader.

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