Opposition Malawi Congress Party on Monday urged the government to be cautious in the implementation of the zero-aid budget it as devised to use.

At a rally in Blantyre on Sunday, President Peter Mutharika said government will see how it will raise the 40 percent deficit it has been getting from the country’s donors.

Speaking at a press conference it organized, one of the party’s members in the Budget and Finance Committee of parliament, Alexander Dzonzi, emphasised on the need of government to be cautious with the zero-aid budget.

“When we talk about zero-aid budget, what does it entail? It entails that all of us have to pay taxes. It also entails that the managers of our resources should be good because we might land into a serious problem whereby this budget will not bring growth we are looking for. Instead it is going to contract the economy. If that is what this budget is going to bring, we will not be happy,” he said.

MCP has said it is concerned that the zero-aid budget is as a result of the lack of support from the donors.

Dzonzi however said that MCP is still going to support the budget despite the concerns.

Dzonzi was with the party’s senior members, Joseph Njovuyalema, Felix Jumbe, Jessie Kabwila and Juliana Lunguzi.

Kabwila said the party is interested to see that the 2014/15 budget will help uplift the lives of Malawians.

“As MCP we would like to use our experience to advise government to improve the budget so that it improves all sectors of the economy. We would like to see improvement in agriculture, health, education and all other sectors,” Kabwila said.

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