Malawi Police Service has hailed President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for empowering the police to execute their job well by among other things purchasing 50 vehicles to ease mobility challenges in the Service.

MPS Spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo said this in an interview with the press.

“We are very grateful for this kind of gesture because prior to this, the patrols that MPS was conducting were not as effective because of mobility challenges.

“However, the additional vehicles will reverse everything thereby complementing government efforts in as far as intensifying security in all corners of society in a bid to protect the lives of people and their property is concerned,” she said.

During the rally held at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre over the Weekend, President Mutharika vowed to deal the crime rate which has been so rampant the past three months.

“This is a sad situation considering that it is putting lives of many people at risk.

“We are aware of the fact that some people would want to cause havoc for their selfish reasons and as government we cannot condone this,” said Mutharika.

Since President Mutharika ascended to the high office in May, the country experienced an increase in crime rate making Malawians to live in perpetual fear.

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  1. That’s something to cheer about. Can you the government also provide the police with work gear? Meaning the uniform because they really need foot wear. Its not easy but if you put your mind on it can be done. Thanks for a job well done.


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