With less than 100 days in office, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has been sacking what it believes are opposition sympathizers in different government departments and replacing them with DPP loyalists. The clean-up has also affected State House with the latest sacking of over 120 employees working in Landscaping as well household departments, Malawian Watchdog has learnt.

According to our source, this move has affected the operation of the department in these presidential houses.

“We only got communicated that our services are not needed at the house hold and landscaping department,” complained a sacked employee who refused to be named for obvious reasons.

However, the source was quick to mention that they have heard that the Ministry of Finance has advised the DPP led government not to act in haste as government will have to pay them millions of the tax payers money up to their retirement as most of them, having worked for less than two years, signed a permanent contract with State-House.

Since DPP took the reins of power, it is working under pressure to please its supporters as they promised them to be appointed to different government positions once the take over power.
It is this campaign of appeasing DPP supporters which saw Mutharika appointing a village of press officers such as Justice Mponda, Timpuza Mwansambo not to forget a league of presidential advisors.

State houses are President’s official residences that the sitting president uses during his or her tenure of office. Across the country, we have state houses at Sanjika in Blantyre, Zomba in the old Capital City, Chikoko bay in Mangochi, Mtunthama in Lilongwe and one in Msongwe in Mzuzu City.

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  1. Kamuzu said it that pluralism is war and this is what we did not understand when he emphatically said in 1993. We rushed into changing political system and forot that for over thirty years Malawians could not see the difference between party and government machinery! Here we still taking government systems as a tool for enriching our colonies and not develop the country. Shame Shame indeed! Madam people will rejoice and think there is nothing to worry about. Think of what will happen to those who are recruited today if a new party takes up power? Think of the essential programmes that can be put in place, will the new comers continue implementing them?


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