The Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has partnered with Technical Entrepreneurial and Vocation Education Training Authority (Teveta) in developing a curriculum for its fleet works.

The curriculum will enable the army conduct their own training in vehicle maintenance, including its armored cars.

FOM speaking to MDF’s deputy director of training Colonel Chikunkha Soko said in the past, the MDF used to send its officers to the UK for specialized training in motor vehicle management and maintenance.

“But due to financial problems, we are not able to do that anymore. Therefore we thought of developing our own curriculum to train our personnel within the confines of MDF. Teveta are experts in this area and so we engaged them to develop our own training modules,” said Soko.

Teveta’s acting director William Nkhoma said, unlike other institutions which send their personnel to Teveta for training, MDF cannot do that because of the nature of their job.

“As a security organ it is important that they conduct their own training for their personnel. We are here to train them to develop their own curriculum.

“We taught them not only to develop the curriculum but also helped them to develop standards of carrying out analysis,” said Nkhoma.

The two institutions have since held a three- day workshop which ended last Friday at an army headquarters in Lilongwe which saw 18 officers and soldiers of the MDF took part.

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