The Central East African Railways (CEAR) wishes to inform the general public that two locomotives which are part of the five the company procured from Transnet Engineering (South Africa) arrived in the country over the weekend, joining two others which came in May.

“We are happy to inform you that another set of 2 new locomotives have arrived in the country over the weekend to help us serve you better,” reads the CEAR statement.

CEAR described the  development as exciting saying the company will now be able to haul more cargo as well  as increase frequency of passenger trains in the near future to some routes.

The company added that the 2000 horse power new locomotives have a higher hauling capacity and are a great addition to the existing 1500 horse power fleet that the country already has.

‘We are expecting to receive the last set of 2 locomotives later this month or early next month. Remember, we got another 2 in April 2014,” said the company.

Early this year Central East Africa Railways indicated that it purchased five new locomotives as one way of making its operations effective. However the company has announced that it will be getting the last set of locomotives which will add the number of new locomotives to six.

The statement further stated that the old locomotives would be sent to Transnet Engineering for refurbishments to increase their horse power.

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