Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ)fm comic-maker Nicholas Mbonela aka, Che Nkope has returned from South Africa where he went for medical treatment for his heart problem.

Mbonela was diagnosed with Cardiogenic shock, a condition in which the heart fails to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs, and government assisted him following President Peter Mutharika’s directive for the broadcaster to get best medical treatment outside the country.

Mbonela arrived in the country last week after spending two months in hospital in South Africa.

Speaking in an interview with the Press, Mbonela sounded jovial and in good spirit.

Mbonela disclosed that he did not undergo a heart transplant as was earlier suggested instead he underwent a thorough medical treatment that has proven to be worthwhile.

Che Nkope also thanked the government and everyone for being with him when he was sick.

“I am now feeling better, I can’t complain of anything. God is indeed wonderful.

“I am really grateful for the support everyone including government gave me. My condition has improved, ‘ndi za bho bho pano'(it’s all fine now”, he said.

Government spent over K6 million for Mbonela’s treatment, thus both medical bill and flight costs

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