A vocal die hard of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Mabvuto Ng’ona, has been arrested by Nkhunga Police in Dwangwa for contempt of court. All this after he abandoned his wife, failed to maintain the welfare of his kids and refusing to appear before a magistrate.

Ng’ona, who has been married and chased three wives before, has finally met his match as the woman he recently dumped has gone to court demanding that he gives her half of his wealth.

“Police picked Ng’ona because he refused to go to Salima to appear in court. He has been telling people that he is close to influential people like Pato Phoya and Greyson Chapita and cannot be intimidated by the woman let alone policemen,” said our source.

As if that is not enough, Ng’ona has been boasting that he can never be arrested because President Mutharika is more of his personal friend as he helped him during Dwangwa rallies.

The woman has already closed all their joint bank accounts after sweeping every penny therein leaving Ng’ona in the cold.

The embattled cadet has since found solace in another prostitute from Chigwirizano and they are currently living together in his empty house.

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