This type of behavior is unbecoming of a boss.  FMB should be ashmed.
This type of behaviour is unbecoming of a boss. FMB should be ashamed.

Conversation between Henry Kamowa(FMB Regional Commercial Manager), and the Girl Friend who is a receptionist at First Merchant Bank (FMB) in Blantyre. Kamowa’s job is currently hanging in the balance for his conduct. By the way, FMB has also just produced The Director for Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Mr Lucas Kondowe.

This conversation between the once two love birds has been sent to our email address by the Wife of Mr KAMOWA after the boyfriend of the receptionist discovered this affair at work. Note that Kamowa was referring himself to as MESHO. To those who went to Malawi colleges, the term MESHO means ‘roommate.’ Amene umagona naye Mu room limodzi.

fmb boss
FMB’s Henry Kamowa


27/09/2014 15:07:07: Mesho: Am in Limbe now
27/09/2014 15:47:25: Mesho: Aaaah, you are not answering
27/09/2014 16:44:45: Ellen: Mmh. Ndasiyana wit mum jus nw… Nwae am tekin a bus hom… Iwowo akupita ku party
27/09/2014 16:47:26: Mesho: So what do we do
27/09/2014 16:46:51: Ellen: I dnt kno… Nena
27/09/2014 16:48:47: Mesho: Am at Toyota me now. Where are you
27/09/2014 16:47:53: Ellen: Whr z totota?
27/09/2014 16:50:41: Mesho: Ukutukwanatu iwe, I said Toyota in Limbe, where are you
27/09/2014 16:50:47: Ellen: Hahahaha ma bad… Am goin to get bus ya chileka …
27/09/2014 16:53:31: Mesho: Why, I thought we are supposed to meet
27/09/2014 17:03:11: Ellen: Kodi cnt u cum pa petroda?
27/09/2014 17:08:08: Mesho: Which petroda
27/09/2014 18:58:19: Mesho: Am home. Thanks for the good times
27/09/2014 19:09:52: Ellen: Glad u safe
27/09/2014 19:15:51: Ellen: Miss u
27/09/2014 19:18:46: Mesho: I miss you big time dear
27/09/2014 19:18:47: Ellen: Wat u doin?
27/09/2014 19:21:00: Mesho: Eating and watching news
27/09/2014 19:20:20: Ellen: Oky
27/09/2014 19:22:11: Mesho: Then shower and sleep. I sleep early on Saturdays as I am early on Sunday
27/09/2014 19:20:56: Ellen: Mmm oky
27/09/2014 19:23:07: Mesho: What are you doing yourself
27/09/2014 19:22:25: Ellen: Am,in bed…
27/09/2014 19:26:46: Mesho: Good. You need much rest. Uzikula!!!
27/09/2014 19:27:56: Ellen: Hahaha ndizikula??
27/09/2014 19:30:45: Mesho: Eya, kuti uzinkira nkira kukoma
27/09/2014 19:32:19: Ellen: Hahaha oky… Bt promise me 1 thng
27/09/2014 19:34:47: Mesho: Ok, which thing is that
27/09/2014 19:35:45: Ellen: Tht u nt jus goin to use me.
27/09/2014 19:38:30: Mesho: Nothing like that. You are good and you deserve the best
27/09/2014 19:38:02: Ellen: Thanx… F u think v me tht way
27/09/2014 19:44:46: Mesho: True. Let’s just remain true to each other as honesty, love and respect are some of the important things to me
27/09/2014 19:45:49: Ellen: Oky… Yes no problem wit tht…. Ndine mwana wabwino
27/09/2014 20:08:38: Mesho: Thanks baby. I will love you more and more
27/09/2014 20:12:22: Ellen: Sem here
27/09/2014 20:12:34: Ellen: Koma am scared
27/09/2014 20:28:02: Mesho: Of what
27/09/2014 20:26:44: Ellen: U hurting me
27/09/2014 20:29:35: Mesho: I can’t hurt you my dear. You will see
27/09/2014 20:29:49: Mesho: Can I sleep now
27/09/2014 20:30:46: Mesho: Goodnight. Love you
27/09/2014 20:38:52: Ellen: Mmmh oky nyt… Lov u mo sweet dreams
28/09/2014 04:52:01: Ellen: Morning
28/09/2014 05:39:54: Mesho: Morning babe, just finished sports. Last night I was very tired and never responded to your msg
28/09/2014 05:39:54: Mesho: How are you this morning
28/09/2014 05:42:00: Ellen: Tx ayt
28/09/2014 05:42:04: Ellen: Am ok…hw u?
28/09/2014 06:03:13: Mesho: Am fine. Just discovered that there is a funeral at nebas place so am there now
28/09/2014 06:02:03: Ellen: Owh… Sorry
28/09/2014 06:08:48: Mesho: What are you doing
28/09/2014 06:08:06: Ellen: Basi ndangokhala…. Sundays r boring to me
28/09/2014 06:11:04: Mesho: Pepa, I wish I was there to give you company. I will be in the area this afternoon
28/09/2014 06:10:07: Ellen: Wish u wer ere too…. U will cum say hie?
28/09/2014 06:12:46: Mesho: yes I may come
28/09/2014 06:11:40: Ellen: Oky
28/09/2014 06:43:52: Ellen: Mmmm matama
28/09/2014 07:17:14: Mesho: Choka, ndinali ndi a neba kupepesa maliro
28/09/2014 07:16:05: Ellen: Oh oky… Haha
28/09/2014 07:23:22: Mesho: Kodi tikumana nthawi yanji?
28/09/2014 07:22:11: Ellen: Th maid akabwela. Sh said sakachedwa
28/09/2014 07:24:11: Mesho: Ok babe
28/09/2014 07:22:59: Ellen: So wassup nw?
28/09/2014 07:52:09: Mesho: Am home now. Need to take breakfast and then shave and clean my bedroom
28/09/2014 07:51:09: Ellen: Sunadye? Awww
Oky thn
28/09/2014 07:53:58: Mesho: Sharp!
28/09/2014 08:23:52: Ellen: Miss u bby
28/09/2014 08:59:29: Mesho: Hey hey
28/09/2014 09:21:08: Mesho: Miss you too. Going to carry madeya feed
28/09/2014 09:20:30: Ellen: Oky… Wher?
28/09/2014 09:23:29: Mesho: Nancholi, didn’t notice that you have put another photo. When was this. You looked gorgeous
28/09/2014 09:24:41: Ellen: Whr z tht?
Thank u… Zulo mamawa bfo work
28/09/2014 09:48:55: Mesho: Ok. Nancholi is next to money men club
28/09/2014 09:48:17: Ellen: Ok. I stil dnt kno t
28/09/2014 09:51:38: Mesho: Will show you
28/09/2014 09:51:46: Ellen: Oky… Cnt wait… Eish today z sooo boring
28/09/2014 10:10:19: Mesho: Very hot as well
28/09/2014 10:09:21: Ellen: Good for swiming
28/09/2014 10:26:08: Mesho: Do you swim?
28/09/2014 10:58:03: Ellen: No.. Haha . I jus play in th water
28/09/2014 11:53:38: Mesho: Hey you are like me. I don’t know how to swim
28/09/2014 11:52:41: Ellen: Hahah rly? Was opin i qid teach me
28/09/2014 11:52:52: Ellen: U wud teach me
28/09/2014 11:55:31: Mesho: I can teach you as I know the concepts
28/09/2014 11:56:22: Mesho: Koma kwathu kulibe pool. So where would I teach you without causing a scene
28/09/2014 11:55:45: Ellen: I dnt kno.. U thnk v wher tx safe
28/09/2014 11:58:18: Mesho: Outside Blantyre can be safe
28/09/2014 12:27:53: Ellen: Oky sure
28/09/2014 13:19:09: Ellen: Ukutani?
28/09/2014 16:04:42: Mesho: Hey babe, just done with escorting nebas on their funeral
28/09/2014 16:18:34: Ellen: Oky…hie
28/09/2014 16:21:27: Mesho: Am tired from the funeral and am home now with the boys
28/09/2014 16:22:12: Mesho: I have failed to make it there. My watsup was not even working
28/09/2014 16:20:40: Ellen: Oky… Nyc
28/09/2014 16:22:10: Ellen: Missed u
28/09/2014 16:25:06: Mesho: Missed you too. See you tomorrow
28/09/2014 16:33:56: Ellen: C u lav
28/09/2014 16:34:00: Ellen: Cnt wait
28/09/2014 16:51:39: Mesho: I can’t wait too. Love you
28/09/2014 16:54:10: Ellen: Lov u more
29/09/2014 06:14:42: Ellen: <video omitted>
29/09/2014 06:40:59: Mesho: Hey dear. Funny clip
29/09/2014 06:41:53: Mesho: <image omitted>
29/09/2014 06:42:08: Mesho: You never shared this photo
29/09/2014 06:42:24: Mesho: Am jealousy
29/09/2014 07:57:26: Ellen: Awwww haha am shy… U wer stalkin me
29/09/2014 07:00:52: Mesho: I am well informed
29/09/2014 07:01:17: Mesho: Where was this and when was it
29/09/2014 08:07:28: Ellen: Bfo i strtd workin ere… At blntyre sports club
29/09/2014 07:09:43: Mesho: Uli bwino. Good day to you my dear
29/09/2014 08:09:17: Ellen: Oh u gonna b busy? Ayt good day
29/09/2014 07:11:13: Mesho: Yap, will be in and out of office most times today
29/09/2014 08:34:04: Ellen: Awww oky
29/09/2014 12:54:22: Ellen: MMMMMMHHHHH!!!!!
29/09/2014 13:10:24: Mesho: Nsanje amama. Don’t worry about those women. They are no match
29/09/2014 13:22:22: Ellen: Kaya zako
29/09/2014 13:33:54: Mesho: Zanganso bwanji. Osadandaula. Love you lots sweet pie
29/09/2014 14:46:30: Ellen: Ine ayi
29/09/2014 14:59:05: Mesho: Bwanji, am feeling you
29/09/2014 15:12:29: Mesho: Matama eti? Ine ndikuti am feeling you
29/09/2014 16:35:05: Ellen: I tod u i get upset fast eti
29/09/2014 16:55:26: Ellen: Sukuyankhatu… Nyt
29/09/2014 17:07:55: Ellen: U av med me more mad!!!
29/09/2014 17:15:05: Mesho: Baby sorry I missed your calls, please answer my calls now
29/09/2014 17:16:52: Ellen: Am busy kaye
29/09/2014 17:18:22: Mesho: Abale tayankhani phone please. Am confused now
29/09/2014 17:19:04: Ellen: Cal
29/09/2014 17:24:12: Ellen: Kodi hu z tht lady hu cem ku office kwako in tha short dress?
29/09/2014 17:30:33: Mesho: Actually they were two of them and were all in short dresses. They are Yolanda and Patricia from Vale Ltd who are doing njanji for railways
29/09/2014 17:31:51: Mesho: Actually Patricia is an old college mate who is married to my friend Yamikani Nyambalo
29/09/2014 17:33:09: Mesho: I hope my lady has understood. Ndinawonatu kuti you were not happy that’s why I came back to talk to you
29/09/2014 17:32:36: Ellen: Ndamva
29/09/2014 17:34:49: Mesho: Tell me you love me baby
29/09/2014 17:34:32: Ellen: Y dd u av to escot thm out?
29/09/2014 17:37:20: Mesho: Business etiquette demands so, they are giving us big business and they need to feel honored
29/09/2014 17:37:10: Ellen: Owo
29/09/2014 17:39:36: Mesho: Abale, khululukani. I understand your position but trust me on this one
29/09/2014 17:40:44: Ellen: Hw many big customers cum to ur office? nde y escoth thm only? cz thy r ladies?? Kapena thy r betta thn me? i dnt thnk so…
Nwae Ur a big boy u kno wat u doin….
29/09/2014 17:48:18: Mesho: Several times I do that. It’s just that you don’t see it and this time we met. I have already said they can’t match you in whatever way. I will talk properly when we meet in person. Usavutike ndi azimayi babe

29/09/2014 17:47:52: Ellen: K
29/09/2014 17:55:20: Mesho: Abale zatha basi. Don’t be mad my love
29/09/2014 18:19:56: Mesho: Goodnight. I see you are so mad at me
29/09/2014 18:20:08: Ellen: Cnt pik up cz v am wit mum
29/09/2014 18:22:56: Mesho: Ok, understood
29/09/2014 18:29:45: Ellen: Tel me 1 thng
29/09/2014 18:29:54: Ellen: Henry
29/09/2014 18:31:49: Mesho: Yes am here
29/09/2014 18:31:16: Ellen: Tht am goin to b th only gal in ur lyf apart from ur wyf
29/09/2014 18:36:26: Mesho: You have my assurance on that one. You are and you will be the only girl in my life. You have all the qualities of a nice lady and I don’t need extras
29/09/2014 18:37:19: Mesho: You are making me happy and I can’t afford to disappoint you
29/09/2014 18:57:59: Ellen: Thanx
29/09/2014 18:56:54: Mesho: Ndiye sukuyankha bwanji?
29/09/2014 18:58:37: Ellen: I wil hate u fo th rest v my lyf f u decide to disapoint me
29/09/2014 19:00:11: Mesho: Want a shower now. Can I call you after that?
29/09/2014 18:59:45: Ellen: Oky u cn
29/09/2014 19:01:10: Mesho: Thanks sweetheart
29/09/2014 19:36:05: Ellen: Mmmm ndigonatu
29/09/2014 19:41:31: Mesho: Ur line is busy
29/09/2014 19:50:34: Mesho: <video omitted>
30/09/2014 02:03:05: Ellen: Hahaha smh
30/09/2014 12:48:31: Mesho: Good morning sweet pie
30/09/2014 12:54:57: Mesho: You were awake this time
30/09/2014 12:58:56: Mesho: Why were you shy when I was talking to you in Ellen’s office
30/09/2014 12:59:15: Ellen: I wasnt shy
30/09/2014 13:00:01: Ellen: I just wsnt smilling
30/09/2014 13:01:42: Mesho: Sure, I like it when you look me in the eye and you weren’t doing that there
30/09/2014 13:07:30: Mesho: Why were you not smiling
30/09/2014 13:08:02: Ellen: Ah ndaboweka…
30/09/2014 13:09:44: Mesho: Ndichaninso abale?
30/09/2014 13:14:10: Ellen: Mmm ayi tx nufing… Jus mi n my mum eish
30/09/2014 13:23:19: Mesho: Bwanji, we need to talk about that properly
30/09/2014 13:23:19: Mesho: Love you lots
30/09/2014 13:23:38: Ellen: Tx nun bg koma
30/09/2014 13:27:52: Mesho: Ok thanks. I don’t want to see you down. I like seeing you smiling and showing me those dimples
30/09/2014 13:27:32: Ellen:
30/09/2014 13:46:44: Mesho: Kupenga uku, ndiye Chani chimenecho?
30/09/2014 13:51:54: Ellen: Hahah kupenga kuti?
30/09/2014 13:55:07: Mesho: I think I have just missed you. Let me know before you leave today
30/09/2014 14:19:30: Ellen: Oky
30/09/2014 14:59:48: Ellen: Am dun
30/09/2014 15:01:55: Mesho: Ok, let me call you now
30/09/2014 15:01:13: Ellen: Oky….
30/09/2014 15:05:31: Ellen: Ndapita
30/09/2014 17:27:11: Ellen: Hello
30/09/2014 16:29:35: Mesho: Hi babe. Are you home now
30/09/2014 17:29:58: Ellen: Nop. Bt am on my way… Wer u?
30/09/2014 16:31:06: Mesho: Am still in office. Why are you still not home up to now
30/09/2014 16:31:29: Ellen: Bae pajatu kwathu kutali
30/09/2014 16:53:03: Mesho: Pepa ndinaiwala. Where are you now. Me still busy with Akim in credit
30/09/2014 17:17:37: Ellen: Am hom nw… Owh oky…
30/09/2014 17:17:42: Ellen: Pepa
30/09/2014 17:19:46: Mesho: Ok cheers
30/09/2014 17:19:44: Ellen: Upita wat tym?
30/09/2014 17:23:13: Mesho: Am leaving now for home. Was actually calling you
30/09/2014 17:24:18: Ellen: Ya kungoti am wit mum… Eish smh… Ths woman
30/09/2014 17:39:08: Mesho: Bola osamandinamiza kuti am with mum uku katundu wanga akutha
30/09/2014 18:10:19: Ellen: Hahahaha no… Call
30/09/2014 19:08:06: Mesho: Ndanyanyala
30/09/2014 20:14:05: Mesho: Goodnight. I see you are asleep. I love you
01/10/2014 01:11:06: Ellen: Yah i slept
01/10/2014 01:16:03: Ellen: Koma ndazukano..
01/10/2014 07:08:47: Mesho: Ineno ndinali ndikugona. What do you do at 3 am
01/10/2014 07:09:58: Ellen: I wake up to study
01/10/2014 08:11:17: Mesho: Good gal. Now you called me, watsup
01/10/2014 08:12:39: Ellen: Thnx… Basi jus wanted to say hie
01/10/2014 08:15:32: Mesho: Thanks bae, I feel loved
01/10/2014 08:15:55: Ellen:
01/10/2014 08:24:49: Ellen: Miss u
01/10/2014 08:51:34: Mesho: Miss u too
01/10/2014 08:52:26: Ellen: Ukutani?
01/10/2014 09:43:50: Mesho: Am in a meeting with customers, bwanji?
01/10/2014 09:48:25: Ellen: Jus askin
01/10/2014 09:52:09: Mesho: Thanks for asking, it means you care
01/10/2014 10:07:10: Ellen: wit o my heart
01/10/2014 10:18:33: Mesho: Choka, usanditotese
01/10/2014 10:18:45: Ellen: Hahahaha koma mwana uyu … Ok ndasiya
01/10/2014 10:19:24: Mesho: With those lips as it reminds me how soft your lips are
01/10/2014 12:11:57: Mesho: Ndiye kuti ndufuna ujeni!!! Am so horny today
01/10/2014 12:12:31: Ellen: Mmmmm y r u horny?
01/10/2014 12:14:31: Mesho: Yes bae, ndiye zitheka?
01/10/2014 12:27:53: Ellen: awww too bad am on my period bae
01/10/2014 12:37:26: Mesho: Aaaaah, yayambanso liti abale
01/10/2014 12:42:48: Ellen: Haha zulo mazulo… Sorry
01/10/2014 12:44:36: Mesho: Period yausilu iyi, osadikira zoona!! Then I think I need to avoid you to avoid doing something stupid
01/10/2014 12:44:53: Ellen: Mmmmh lol
01/10/2014 12:50:52: Mesho: The way I am today nditha osalimba amwene. So when do you finish it
01/10/2014 12:52:24: Ellen: Haha pepa… I do it for six days
01/10/2014 12:54:24: Mesho: Eeeeeh, that’s too much. I thought you would come and sleep at my house on Saturday. Ine ndiye ndizapanga basi. Ubwino wake kuli shower
01/10/2014 12:55:50: Ellen: Hahahahahhaa z tht ok kupanga while am on my period? Mmmh th problem z ndimapanga kwambili n tx so uncomftable… Lyk ryt nw i dnt feel propa to sit pa counter cz ndikuona ngati i wil spoil on myself… Ndangokhala in th bathroom
01/10/2014 12:58:21: Mesho: We will see as it may not be intense on Saturday night. If we are to count from yesterday
01/10/2014 12:58:43: Ellen: Oky thn….
01/10/2014 12:58:48: Ellen: Wat u up to?
01/10/2014 12:59:47: Mesho: I will knock off early and travel to the farm this evening
01/10/2014 13:08:28: Ellen: Mmmh ok
01/10/2014 13:19:42: Mesho: We can go there together when we knock off
01/10/2014 13:36:23: Ellen: Oky thn… Was waitin fo u to say tht !
01/10/2014 13:38:31: Mesho: Umandiyesa eti, ndikakubonza kumeneko
01/10/2014 13:46:29: Ellen: Hahahah eeehhh bt am bleeding kwambili
01/10/2014 13:50:42: Mesho: No, I will wait as I need to have quality time with you
01/10/2014 14:24:53: Ellen: Oky
01/10/2014 14:34:12: Mesho: Ndiye wavala skirt ya white while doing period
01/10/2014 14:35:21: Mesho: Ngati za ulemu kundipatukira kuti ndidutse, when this evening will be 0 inches apart
01/10/2014 14:35:28: Ellen: Ndipo mmmh
01/10/2014 14:48:13: Ellen: Hahahahahah eya ndine mwana wa ulemu
01/10/2014 15:02:51: Mesho: Good, that’s a good approach
01/10/2014 15:34:47: Ellen: Wer we goin to mit?
01/10/2014 15:35:49: Mesho: Same place, stadium is good for me
01/10/2014 15:54:04: Ellen: Mmmh ok… Koma i av to get som staff in town
01/10/2014 15:57:06: Mesho: Where, can I call you? Now
01/10/2014 15:57:15: Ellen: Ya call
01/10/2014 19:42:29: Mesho: Am home now
01/10/2014 20:09:08: Ellen: Oky nyc
01/10/2014 20:17:09: Mesho: What are you doing
01/10/2014 20:17:23: Ellen: Basi ndangokhala thnkng,…u?
01/10/2014 20:18:28: Mesho: Am enjoying this thing bae. I want to go take a shower now
01/10/2014 20:20:03: Ellen: Oky. U wil tel mi wen u dun
01/10/2014 20:21:06: Mesho: Ok sweetie, missing you already
01/10/2014 20:20:56: Ellen: Miss u too
01/10/2014 20:49:11: Mesho: Am bak
01/10/2014 20:49:18: Ellen: Hie
01/10/2014 20:53:19: Mesho: Now tell me, what were the ppl saying about those ladies who came to my office dzana
01/10/2014 20:54:05: Ellen: Ayi sinddinena… Dnt want u to b hatin pipo juc am telin u staf
01/10/2014 20:55:10: Mesho: Don’t tell me names, just say what was said
01/10/2014 20:58:06: Mesho: Tulotu ili!!!!!
02/10/2014 03:04:58: Ellen: Akuti umayenda ndi okuda uja
02/10/2014 03:05:04: Ellen: I was hurt
02/10/2014 06:07:17: Mesho: Zonama izi mama. Ine ndimayenda ndi inu
02/10/2014 06:08:59: Ellen: Does sh cum kwambili ku office kwako?
02/10/2014 06:15:12: Mesho: Actually it’s surprising as that was the first time those people came to my office
02/10/2014 06:15:22: Ellen: Mmmh oky…
02/10/2014 06:16:47: Mesho: I use to deal with Vale men and it’s the first time I am dealing with those ladies much as one of them is an old friend
02/10/2014 06:45:56: Ellen: Ok chabwino
02/10/2014 06:46:01: Ellen: Morning
02/10/2014 06:48:32: Mesho: Good morning sweetie pie
02/10/2014 06:49:29: Ellen: R u oredy ere? O u hom?
02/10/2014 07:13:28: Mesho: No, I have been to meetings at head office. Coming now
02/10/2014 07:19:20: Ellen: Oky
02/10/2014 07:38:10: Mesho: In office now
02/10/2014 07:48:07: Ellen: I saw u
02/10/2014 07:49:46: Mesho: You are peeping on me eti
02/10/2014 07:51:11: Ellen: Hahahah i jus saw u ukuyenda up thr
02/10/2014 08:10:53: Mesho: Love you babe
02/10/2014 08:12:08: Ellen: Love u mo
02/10/2014 10:08:08: Ellen: Today ukupanga matama?
02/10/2014 10:27:09: Mesho: Am very sick, come and see me
02/10/2014 10:35:03: Mesho: I used to be asthmatic when I was young and when the weather changes abruptly like this while I have flu, I get really sick
02/10/2014 10:35:30: Ellen: Awww paja u sik
… Sorry… I will cum
02/10/2014 10:48:42: Ellen: Am worried
02/10/2014 11:07:51: Mesho: Worried about what
02/10/2014 11:12:34: Ellen: About u… Mmmh i dnt lyk t tht ur sick
02/10/2014 11:14:27: Mesho: I will be fine baby don’t worry
02/10/2014 11:17:59: Ellen: Mmmh oky… Plz drink med
02/10/2014 11:25:08: Mesho: Yap, will do that. Gone home now
02/10/2014 11:47:04: Mesho: <image omitted>
02/10/2014 12:21:39: Ellen: Oky bby rest…
02/10/2014 12:22:49: Ellen: Hahahahah koma nde s40
02/10/2014 12:24:26: Mesho: Eya, am in bed now resting
02/10/2014 12:31:12: Ellen: Gud
02/10/2014 16:13:22: Mesho: Hi where are you. Am going to office now
02/10/2014 16:54:35: Ellen: Hie hie
02/10/2014 17:06:30: Mesho: Hi babe, are you home now
02/10/2014 17:07:08: Ellen: No… Bt almost… Am wit mum,sh piked me up
02/10/2014 17:08:44: Mesho: Ok love
02/10/2014 17:09:32: Mesho: Will sleep early today as I need to rest more. Will be asleep by 8
02/10/2014 17:18:34: Ellen: Awww oky
02/10/2014 17:47:20: Ellen: Bae!!
02/10/2014 17:47:48: Mesho: I want to get well soon for a Saturday drink up
02/10/2014 17:48:07: Mesho: Bwanji
02/10/2014 17:49:18: Ellen: Hahahah tamuonani lol
02/10/2014 17:49:24: Ellen: U nt txtng bae
02/10/2014 17:53:19: Mesho: I thought I have just texted you
02/10/2014 17:55:58: Ellen: Nwae ukutani?
02/10/2014 17:57:22: Mesho: Almost sleeping now. In bed. Mankhwala amene ndamwa ngopatsa tulo
02/10/2014 17:59:17: Ellen: Oh oky bae
02/10/2014 18:01:15: Mesho: Paja tikumagona osasazika. Goodnight, I love you, that is, if I sleep abruptly
02/10/2014 18:02:42: Ellen: Haha ndimakhala ndatopa kwambili… Am drinking gin… Awww love u mo bby…
02/10/2014 18:02:54: Ellen: Today u wer smilling at me..
02/10/2014 18:04:05: Mesho: Were you charmed by my smile
02/10/2014 18:03:57: Ellen: Yes ….
02/10/2014 18:04:33: Mesho: Gin and what
02/10/2014 18:07:10: Ellen: Gin yekha
02/10/2014 18:10:31: Mesho: You dilute with what
02/10/2014 18:19:43: Ellen: Lime… Koma panopa am tekin t plain
03/10/2014 05:39:51: Mesho: Hey bae, missed your call last night. Am better today and will pop into the office at 9 am
03/10/2014 05:55:18: Ellen: Oky… Cnt wait to c u
03/10/2014 06:36:51: Mesho: Sure sweet, missing you. Is the plan on tomorrow
03/10/2014 07:08:25: Ellen: My mum z tripin cz antchito apita ku mudzi
03/10/2014 07:14:14: Mesho: So what will happen
03/10/2014 07:17:19: Ellen: Mmmh th thng analola kale koma nw antchito wo angosanzika today kuti mwana wadwala
03/10/2014 07:42:06: Mesho: Ndiye titani. I will take your suggestion on this as you are the one who knows better
03/10/2014 08:08:20: Ellen: Mmmh ayi iweyo tanena
03/10/2014 08:10:13: Mesho: I thought we could hang out for some time in the evening and afterwards drop you at your place
03/10/2014 08:29:40: Mesho: Why didn’t you just pop in to say hello. You could just tell Thoko you wanted to see me
03/10/2014 08:37:24: Ellen: Like wat tym?
03/10/2014 08:37:39: Ellen: Awww sorry…ndibwela to c u oky
03/10/2014 08:38:42: Mesho: You say it, what is the latest time you need to be back home
03/10/2014 08:39:02: Ellen: Eh th way kulibe wantchito ndekuti ma 9 o 10
03/10/2014 08:40:37: Mesho: Ok, that’s fine, from what time do we meet
03/10/2014 08:48:17: Ellen: Around 4 … I wanted to go ku saloon nde mwina f i go
03/10/2014 08:50:18: Mesho: That’s fine. We will link up around 4 and start drinking.
03/10/2014 08:50:48: Mesho: Bola kusazizire kwanbirinso mawa
03/10/2014 09:04:20: Ellen: Oky… Eya bola
03/10/2014 09:07:50: Mesho: Chifukwa kukazizira kwambiri, it would not be ideal for drinking
03/10/2014 09:10:14: Ellen: T wil,…haha…
03/10/2014 11:03:43: Mesho: Bae, kufatsa kumeneko.
03/10/2014 11:04:23: Mesho: You look cute today
03/10/2014 11:04:35: Ellen: Lol ndine ofatsa
03/10/2014 11:04:38: Ellen: Thank u
03/10/2014 11:07:04: Mesho: I like you in that quiet ness. None would guess our moves. Koma ndimaopa Miriam, I just feel she suspects that we flirt
03/10/2014 11:10:39: Ellen: Hahahah ayi sh cnt cz sh xpects me to tell her evrythng… N actualy sh thinks u like her
03/10/2014 11:14:09: Mesho: Oh my, that’s why she blushes when am talking to her. Nanga when I call you and you’re with her then you answer like”am with Miriam” she says it’s who talking
03/10/2014 11:18:53: Ellen: Aahahaha ndekuti u show her kuti u lyk ha… Ah i jus tela kuti my guy…
03/10/2014 11:22:12: Mesho: Ok, I don’t show her that I lyk her. I just observed that today that she was blushing. But yesterday when she came to my office she lovingly pushed Akim who was also in my office and I thought they are clicking
03/10/2014 11:47:59: Ellen: Mmm oky
03/10/2014 11:48:14: Ellen: N sh toks,.. Eh about u…
03/10/2014 11:49:35: Mesho: Don’t say that! What does she say
03/10/2014 12:04:14: Ellen: Staff… I jus listen ine… Bt tx kul
03/10/2014 12:21:11: Mesho: Stuff like what babe
03/10/2014 12:49:45: Ellen: Henry ths… Henry called mi to his office… Henry said tht to me… Eh
03/10/2014 12:49:50: Ellen: Bt tx fyn
03/10/2014 13:22:09: Mesho: Thanks that you are matured. I never knew that till now. Coz if you were immature you could have just said Henry was inside me last night
03/10/2014 13:22:19: Mesho: Hahahahaha!!!!
03/10/2014 13:46:33: Ellen: Hahahahah choka
03/10/2014 13:56:53: Mesho: But she is a good friend to you and don’t lose her. I already chose you anyway so I can’t start thinking about her.
03/10/2014 14:29:08: Ellen: Ok
03/10/2014 14:30:23: Ellen: Bae u said u will gv mi money fo my hair….
Dnt feel bothered
03/10/2014 15:04:58: Mesho: Oh sorry I forgot, paja ndi 10 pin eti?
03/10/2014 15:08:37: Ellen: Yah… Koma dnt feel. Bothered
03/10/2014 15:14:40: Mesho: No, let me go and get it now from ATM. So how do I give you
03/10/2014 15:15:28: Ellen: Oky thank u… Mmm u cn jus put t ka mu envlop n wil cum get t basi
03/10/2014 15:16:13: Mesho: Ok
03/10/2014 15:43:05: Mesho: Come and get
03/10/2014 15:43:35: Mesho: Come like u r photocopying
03/10/2014 15:44:28: Ellen: Oky
03/10/2014 15:53:19: Mesho: Going now
03/10/2014 15:54:48: Ellen: Inenso ndikumapita… Thanx alot bae
03/10/2014 15:55:51: Mesho: Cheers, it’s a pleasure
03/10/2014 15:56:01: Mesho: Will talk later
03/10/2014 15:55:49: Ellen: Lav u
03/10/2014 15:56:43: Mesho: Love you too bae
03/10/2014 16:05:05: Ellen:
03/10/2014 16:15:50: Mesho: Keep that for tomorrow!!!!! I will need it so much
03/10/2014 16:15:55: Ellen: Haha oky bby… Tizapita kwanu?
03/10/2014 16:19:53: Mesho: Most likely as we can’t be anywhere public. We may hang out somewhere then go home
03/10/2014 16:19:52: Ellen: Oky thn…kul
03/10/2014 18:39:34: Ellen: Hey
03/10/2014 18:41:07: Mesho: Bae, my battery is low and am discovering that I have left the cable in the office. So very few chatting tonight on watsup as data requires good power
03/10/2014 18:44:05: Ellen: Mmmh ok
03/10/2014 18:59:19: Mesho: And initially I was calling to say that but you could not be reached. I guess it’s the usual tnm issues
03/10/2014 18:59:36: Ellen: Network ndekuti
03/10/2014 19:03:51: Mesho: Love you baby, looking forward to good time tomorrow and lots of chatting
03/10/2014 19:03:56: Ellen: Sem ere… Love u more
04/10/2014 10:45:33: Mesho: Hey love, am online now. Mr. Mofolo had to bring me a cable for charging which I forgot yesterday
04/10/2014 11:00:09: Ellen: Oh oky…
04/10/2014 11:02:38: Mesho: So what’s up? Where are you
04/10/2014 11:17:42: Ellen: Am stil lafing wat u said…hahahah
04/10/2014 11:22:27: Mesho: It’s crazy true but that’s how you were sounding. As if ukutchima hehehehehehe
04/10/2014 12:20:03: Ellen: Hahahahahah
04/10/2014 16:14:15: Ellen: Mmmh stil nt dun
04/10/2014 16:18:47: Mesho: When are you finishing
04/10/2014 16:18:47: Ellen: Mmm i dnt kno, nde my mun z tripin
04/10/2014 16:22:00: Mesho: So what do we do?
04/10/2014 17:56:43: Ellen: Share airtym
04/10/2014 18:38:07: Ellen: [truncated by WhatsApp]



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