A-72-year old herbalist is in Police custody in Phalombe for allegedly raping a 90 year old Woman.

Phalombe Police confirmed of the incident and identified the suspect as Superleven Lipamba.

According to the police, Lipamba took advantage of the victim in her own home on Monday October 6th, who at the time was suffering from high blood pressure.

Lipamba promised the victim to give her medicine for her condition free of charge.

“They went into the house and the treatment was given to her, later the suspect asked the victim to allow him to have sex with her as a cleansing ceremony”, reads in part the police statement.

When the victim refused, Lipamba forced himself on the 90 year old woman.

A medical report from Phalombe Health Center confirmed that the victim had been raped.

Lipamba is expected to appear before the Phalombe First Grade Magistrate Court soon to answer charges of rape.

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