As debate continues on the proposal that the country should adopt Federal System of government, United Democratic Front (UDF) member of Parliament for Balaka North Lucius Banda has added his voice on the matter, saying he is in support of the idea.

Banda’s remarks comes barely hours after Veteran Politician and former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) John Tembo vehemently blasted the idea.

In his speech, Banda said the federal system of government will be ideal for Malawi and important for fair share distrubtion of development and wealth creation.

“This idea is a welcome development but my only worry is the people pushing for [federalism] have not been as sharp as those who pushed for multiparty democracy and succeeded in those years”, Banda was quoted in one of the online website.

He said for the idea to yield positive results the grouping advocating for the system have to engage many stakeholders and carry out civic education.

The proposal which was started by former People’s Party (PP) Provincial Chairman for the North, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira has received wide criticisms from all corners, saying the idea is there to divide Malawians.

Speaking during a Press briefing held recently, President Professor Arthur Peter mutharika said he will let Malawians decide on the matter.

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  1. Lucious has read the real meaning of federalism. Our reporters should also read and google to diseminate correct information and not disinform the people.
    Prof peter mutharika did propose fed system in 2006,but our illiterate reporters did not pick it up or they did not understand it . What do they say now?


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