A Lilongwe couple is admitted to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) after the man allegedly chopped off his wife’s hand following a quarrel, provoking the wrath of the community who beat him to pulp for the act.

Police confirmed the development and identified the woman as Soflet Kagwa Falawo aged 39, of Mkanda Village, T/A Chimutu, Lilongwe and the man as Gilbert Falawo, 40, of Jumpha Village from the same district.

The two, who have been married for nearly twenty years with six children between them, fought over eight sheaths of grass from which the wife wanted to have her share following their separation.

According to police, the two separated two days before the incident on the grounds that the man suspected that his wife, Soflet, had found another man.

On Wednesday, Soflet went to Falawo and asked him to share the sheaths of grass they had cut together so that she should use it at her new home.

“Falawo did not want to share the grass so a quarrel ensued which resulted into the man chopping Soflet’s left hand off completely,” explained Esther Mkwanda, Kanengo Police spokesperson, adding, “This infuriated the community and they apprehended Falawo and beat him up severely.”

The police came to the scene and rushed the two to KCH where they were attended to immediately.

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