Mozambican mob is said to have killed a Malawian they suspected of having severely assaulted their counterpart before robbing him of a motorcycle at his home in Mozambique.

Zomba Police deputy spokesperson, Patricia Sipiliyano speaking in an interview with our FaceofMalawi reporter said the deceased was identified as Lloyd Matias, 23, of Mlwambo Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Mwambo in Zomba.

The assault and robbery angered relatives of the Mozambican assaulted, who traced the deceased up to his home village in Malawi were they also found the stolen motorcycle.

“The Mozambicans then positively identified Matias as the person who assaulted their relative after searching for him. The Mozambicans found Matias at Jali Trading Centre and were joined by some Malawians in beating him to death,” said Sipiliyano.

“Matias’s mother reported the matter to police but by the time we arrived at the scene, the mob had fled and the suspect was already dead as evidenced by the Post-mortem which was conducted at the Zomba General Hospital.”

The deputy spokesperson further revealed to our FOM reporters that police have launched an intensive investigation as to how the foreigners entered the country without being identified.

So far arrests have been made.

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