Two guards working for Ursa Security International (USI) in Lilongwe are reported dead after a car they were traveling in on a night patrol was hit by another car belonging to the same company.

Kanengo Police Publicist, Esther Nkwanda confirmed of the incident and identified the deceased as Pazuwa Christopher and Mczeen Zimba.

According to Nkwanda, a guard and supervisor respectively were traveling in a Toyota Pickup at around 23:00 hours and were hit at a junction by a Mitsubishi which was driven by the company’s manager identified as Belly Linkon.

According to Nkwanda, the manager did not abide by road rules as it was almost midnight.

“He must have thought no or little road users were still on the road, he therefore did not reduce the speed and bumped into the pickup with the two workers” said Nkwanda.

Linkon, a Jamaican by origin is expected to appear before court to answer charges of causing death by reckless driving.

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