The formation of a standalone state in the Northern region on the rationale for unfair distribution of resources, analysts have echoed calls for a referendum on the matter citing Malawi is an open Society.

FaceofMalawi speaking to a Chancellor College based Social Commentator, Kondwani Chikadza, said the gravity that the issue of secession holds deserves debate.

“The way the issue is, a referendum may possibly work out but parliament must have the legal instruments to guide the referendum set before it may possibly roll out”.

On whether the matter deserves to take centre stage in the august house as it was last a week, Chikadza said the issue may possibly tamper with National Unity as some have failed to understand it.

” Issues of national peace are at stake here as such legislators should give a special attention to” said Chikadza.

A Dr Michael Jana, a political scientist on the other hand argued to FOM that Malawi is one open society which accepts room for public debate on such controversial issue as federalism.

” In an open society, which I believe Malawi is one, there is always room for debates on any issue. It is true that many parts of Northern Malawi, Neno, Mwanza, Chikhwawa, Nsanje just to mention a few are less developed than other parts and that things would have been better if certain policy choices were made.” said Jana.

Jana further exclaimed that” Countries need to constantly debate and take policy directions should that should ensure equitability and inclusivity amid differences especially when distribution of development goods is inherently political.

So far Secession have been a novelty of Former Peoples Party (PP) Provincial Governor North, Rev Nzomera Ngwira who blasted the government for having a tribalistic 20-member cabinet and the issue has since sparkled debate in the country.

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  1. I am still suprised with this development.Should we say because is DPP ruling thus why the issue is being raised by Rev Ngwira?PP was their for two years we never heard of this.The previous governments we all know them well,why did they not raise it before?Ok if the scriptures are to be fulfilled let it be like that,but theres one verse in the Bible on matthews 18:7.


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