Lilongwe High Court Judge Ivy Kamanga on Tuesday turn down bail application of former Principle Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Triza Namathanga Senzani, who is the first convict in the plundering of Public funds dubbed cashgate.

Senzani was last week sentenced to three years in jail for theft and money laundering , but her lawyer Necton Mhura say the punishment was severe for a first offender and because she pleaded guilty.

Yesterday Mhura applied for bail arguing that the sentencing was too much for her client.

But Kamanga turn down the bail application saying the argument presented before court was not adding up.

Kamanga also said that the court will give bail to Senzani if convincing reasons for bail and necessary documents are presented.

Zenzani’s sentence attracted public outcry with many Malawians saying three years is not enough considering the challenges that the country is going through at the moment.

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