Top information gathered by FaceofMalawi indicates that disgruntled Malawi Veteran Politician Sidik Mia met Saulosi Chilima to coax him to join him in forming a New Political Party which will have people like Uladi Mussa, Paul Maulidi, Khumbo Kachali, Cassim Chilumpha and a certain spokesperson of a certain Party to be registered soon and will use most of the structures belonging to People’s Party.

Sidik Mia was frustrated in the build up to the 2014 elections as he was left to be picked as running mate to former Pres. Joyce Banda. He was as well snubbed to be picked as running mate to Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera. The lower shire politician, Mia, is said to be a wealthy politician.

FOM has sourced privy to this secretive meeting said Mia told Saulosi Chilima that he has appointed Cassim Chilumpha to coax Members of People’s Party in the Central Region as he is seen as a crafty politician and that he has entrusted the duty of coaxing People’s Party Members Of Parliament to Uladi Mussa commonly known as “Chenji Golo” and to prove that, he told the vice  president that he has just sent some Millions to Uladi to give Members of PP some monies like K100,000 for attending the meeting which is said to have been chaired by Uladi at Sheila Lodge in Area 43.

Saulosi Chilima is regarded as an outcast in DPP as many genuine supporters do not know him as a politician. In his remarks Chilima said that he needs more time to consult his advisors and his group of Friends of Saulosi Chilima who’s Chairman we failed to talk to as his mobile went un-answered.

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