A year now has passed since Cars265.com, a website where used and unused cars are advertised for sale was launched.

The website was developed to ease challenges which are there among business players when it comes to buying and selling of cars both locally and Internationally.

Speaking in an interview, cars265.com Sales Representative Davison Makhole said the response is so overwhelming.

“We are receiving positive feedbacks from our fellow local Malawians on the introduction of www.cars265.com.

“Buyers buy a car upon seeing it on the website and so far we have sold a good number of cars and both the selling and buying parties are happy with our services”, said Makhole.

On the challenges, Makhole said: ” We find it as a challenge when a buyer gives us an order of a car and we fail to supply the order. We believe this problem can be solved only if big companies for example; Toyota Malawi, Stansfield motors, HTD limited, CFAO among others would showcase their cars on www.cars265.com“.

He also revealed that plans are underway to meet the CEO’s of these companies to make business partnerships

So far the website has over thousands viewers.

Cars265.com has brought an opportunity for any individual across the country to buy or sale a car through the site.

Cars265.com mission is to be an ultimate online solution for buying and selling new, certified and used cars in Malawi.

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