Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) security guards on Monday apprehended a fake doctor who reported for duties in Ward 3A at the hospital.

The development comes barely a month after the arrest of another bogus doctor at the same hospital identified as Wongani Akuzike Kandulu.

Blantyre Police spokesperson Elizabeth Divala confirmed of the arrest.

According to information sourced by FaceofMalawi, the suspect is said to have arrived at the hospital in the morning and left a stethoscope (an audio medical device used by medical people to listen to internal sounds of human body) and some medical books in the ward and told nurses on duty that he would be back.

The nurse then informed the security guard who arrested him upon arrival from where he were.

The fake doctor was found in possession of a College of Medicine (CoM) identity card (ID) bearing the name Zizwani Mwafulirwa.

When quizzed, the bogus doctor said he was a third year student at CoM Lilongwe Campus and was visiting a patient and a friend at QECH.

QECH chief hospital administrator Themba Mhango said after consulting CoM authorities, it was discovered that the ID was fabricated.

Then the suspect changed his particulars, saying his real name was John Kamanga aged 24 from Chiradzulu and that he only picked the ID and books along the street in Lilongwe’s Area 23.

The suspect has charged with impersonating a medical doctor.

Kamanga hails from Mavila Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Nchema in Chiradzulu

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