A 34 year old man in Nkhotakota dies after consuming too much liquor sachet a.k.a ma Blackberry.

According to Nkhunge Police Public Relations officer, Austin Kaunda, said the victim was identified as Simon Phiri, who hails from Kachulu Village, Traditional Authority Kanyenda in Nkhotakota.

The deceased was discovered dead on November 2 after drinking excessively for two consecutive days without eating any food.

Phiri’s uncle, Tyson Nkhata reported to law enforcers that his deceased nephew was a perpetual sachet beer drinker.

“Nkhata said he noted on October 31 that Phiri was missing but due to his habit of sleeping out whenever he went out drinking the relations kept on thinking he would return home. Later on, Phiri’s body was discovered in an incomplete house,” explained Kaunda.

Post-mortem taken at Ngala Health Centre showed that Phiri succumbed to Hypoglycaemia, which is low blood sugar.

“Police are therefore appealing to members of the general public to stop drinking beer excessively and without eating food,” said the officer.

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