Malawi’s renowned artist Mandela ‘Third Eye’ Mwanza, who was in Morocco attending a Arterial Network conference.

The artist attended the conference as a new president of Arterial Network Malawi.

Arterial Network is a dynamic, civil-society network of artists, cultural activists, entrepreneurs, enterprises, NGOs, institutions, and donors active in Africa’s creative and cultural sectors. Established as a member-based, non-profit organisation, Arterial Network operates as a bilingual network with French and English as its official languages.

Mandela Mwanza speaking in an interview with the Nations explained that at the conference the main discussion focused on making Arterial Network more effective than it already is.

“I cannot divulge more on that as it is mostly inside information,” said the artist.

The artist, who recently unveiled his new novel Michael Comes Home, said through his interaction with artists from other countries, he has come to learn that art is serious business.

“Unlike most Malawian artists, our friends do more and complain less.

They know being an artist is a job like any other and in fact better paying than most jobs available to African youth,” said Third Eye.

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