The Nigerian Government through its ambassador to Malawi Mohammed Lawan Gana has revealed that it is interested in introducing a direct air service to Lilongwe as a way of enhancing trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.

The development was revealed by Gana during a special luncheon which he hosted to enable visiting Nigerian investors interact with officials from the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) and the private sector.

Nigeria ambassador to Malawi
MITC CEO Clement Kubembe (L), Nigeria ambassador to Malawi Mohammed Lawan Gana (R) during the special luncheon

“Nigeria is negotiating with Malawi Government on introduction of a direct flight to reduce problems people currently face when they want to travel from Nigeria to Malawi,” said Gana.

Gana further disclosed that Malawi has many unexplored business opportunities and that investors from his country are willing to establish their investments.

Nigeria will soon be sending volunteers who are specialized in different fields to work in Malawi in various development projects, revealed the ambassador.

The Nigerian government also recently provided financial support towards water and sanitation development project.

On the other hand Chief Executive Officer for Malawi Investment and Trade Centre Clement Kumbemba, commended the Nigerian Government for its support towards promoting trade and investment in the country.

Kumbemba said he was happy that more Nigerian investors have shown interest to invest in various development activities in the country.

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