85 people in Kasungu have been arrested during a police sweeping exercise which was aimed at making sure the festive season is free of criminal activities.

Kasungu police spokesperson Edwin Kaunda speaking in an interview with FaceofMalawi confirmed of the development saying 60 people were arrested within Kasungu Municipality and out of the 60, 10 are women and 50 are men while 25 were arrested at Santhe Trading Centre.

Police embarked took the exercise starting from the night of Tuesday up to Wednesday but they are expected to continue throughout the festive season, said Kaunda.

He further said among the 60 who were arrested at the municipal three people are suspected to have been stealing cattle while the 10 women were arrested for earning a living through prostitution.

The rest are expected to answer charges of rogue and vagabond, said Kaunda.

“We know that during the festive season a lot of criminals move around town to break into people’s houses or even killing people to grab their property that is why as police we have intensified the sweeping exercise to protect people’s life and property and through the exercise we have managed to arrest some of the suspects which were at large,” said Kaunda.

Police, therefore warn the public not to move around town during late hours without proper reason during this festive season to avoid being victims of crimes.

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