Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has labeled President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as a hypocrite whose government is run by distractions and deceptions, not leadership.

Chakwera said this on Monday in Lilongwe during a media briefing aimed at commenting on various issues affecting the country including the recent increment in salaries of the President, his Vice and Members of Parliament.

In his speech Chakwera accused Mutharika of playing double standard in the recent pay hike, saying the President approved the salaries of his, the Vice President Saulosi Chilima, Ministers and MPs and later he deferred his own salary to gain support from the general public.

“We know it was NOT parliamentarians who proposed and approved this increase, because as far I know we debated and approved a national budget and the subject of our own salaries never came up.

“We know it was NOT Chakwera who proposed and approved this increase, because I have no authority and gave no input on that decision”, said Chakwera.

Added Chakwera: “I will never tire and I will never relent from speaking the truth. And here is the truth: 7 months ago, we had a childish government; Now we have an unethical government. After all, if the President rejected something as unethical in August, then approved it in September, then pretended to suspend his own decision in December, then he is a hypocrite whose government is run by distractions and deceptions, not leadership”, said Chakwera.

Commenting on Nac-gate where the country’s First lady Madam Getrude Mutharika, Mulhakho wa Alhomwe and National Intelligence Bureau are accused of using state machinery to access funds from National Aid Commission (NAC), Chakwera asked the said organisations to refund the money.

“BEAM, NIB and Mulhako wa Ahlomwe should refund Aids money to NAC immediately without negotiations”, said Chakwera.

Chakwera also urged the President to have a listening ear.

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