The number of tourists visiting Mulanje Mountain is said to be declining due to the vanishing of the forest over the years.

FaceofMalawi speaking to a group of some concerned citizens in Mulanje who are fighting for the preservation of Mulanje Mountain, have blamed the decrease in tourist numbers due to some people who are destroying the mountain by cutting its down its vegetation.

The group which is being headed by parliamentarian Bon Kalindo popularly known as winiko said they are saddened by the dwindling number of tourists in the mountain, heaping the whole on the people he said destroyed the mountain.


“The mountain is completely gone and the tourists visiting the mountain are no where to be seen. This poses a big threat to the tourism industry in the country.

“The evading of the mountain has also lead to problems of scarcity of water in Mulanje and it is unbelievable that Mulanje these days is hotter like the lower shire due to lack of trees in the mountain’’ bemoaned Kalindo.

The MP further added that the generation to come will suffer consequently hence his continual fighting for the mountain and he said he will never give up the fight which he described as the “good course”.

Kalindo in an interview with our FOM reporters refuted claims that he had employed some militants in his fight to preserve the mountain.

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  1. @TypicalMalawian Need to get the politics right, Mulanje Trust- Winiko affair needs straightening and moving on to more inclusive planning


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