As Africa’s biggest reality Television Show Big Brother 9 dubbed Hotshots comes to an end this Sunday, one of Malawi’s former representatives, Lomwe has spoken on Malawi’s chances of winning the competition.
In a recent interview with our reporter, Lomwe, now based in South Africa said for Malawi to win the housemates need to be more entertaining because that’s what viewers are looking for.

Asked if he has been watching the Hotshots show, the former housemate responded: “Yes I have been watching some of the highlights and eviction shows and you can see that Sipe has been playing it safe and staying under the radar which is a good strategy for long jeopardy but in the end you still have to prove yourself when you’re nominated so I think it’s best to find a balance, easier said than done.”

After Mr. 265’s eviction, now being managed by another former housemate, Fatima, Sipe is now the only representative carrying the Malawian flag in the house.

BBA Second Rep. Sipe real name Sipherile Chitambo

Nonetheless, Lomwe described Big brother as a great once in a lifetime experience, saying he never thought he would one day find himself in the house but he went to the auditions and made it.

“It was great to connect with the whole continent in such a short period of time, to learn from other African cultures, Big brother is not just entertainment but it’s a great social experiment at the same time, how people react in different situations and deal with tasks and challenges. All in all it was like a vacation filled with a lot of fun and activities and a platform for opportunity too,” he explained.

He also noted that each season is always different since it’s always a different house, time and different people. Perhaps, the only thing that remains is the main theme of the game which is to compete for the grand prize.

He added: “I haven’t watched all the seasons but I feel the Amplified was a very creative show, the challenges and activities were bigger and better and there were more surprises with the show ending with two winners.”

However, this year’s season had a little twist as some housemates from the previous seasons were brought back in the house to play mind games with the Hotshots housemates. Some of the housemates that were brought back included Nigeria’s Uti and Malawi’s Fatima.

Lomwe has been busy establishing himself in the South African Media scene, he did a guest appearance on a hit soapie Rhythm City and he recently released a new song ‘Bad Habit’ which has been rotating on YFM and other stations and a music video will be released very shortly.

His new EP will be released soon and then an Album titled ‘JOB’ next year.

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  1. I can see Malawi winning the BBA this year, its 100% clear chance if all goes well. SIPE IS REALLY DOING AVERY GOOD JOB IN THE HOUSE. All the best SIPE.


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