Former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesperson Hetherwick Ntaba has quashed media reports by a certain online publication that he has been rejected by the United Kingdom government due to his involvement in expelling Ferguson Cochrine Diet to London after he was declared persona non-grata during the late Professor Bingu Wa Mutharika’s administration.

Speaking in an interview with the Press, Ntaba maintained that his diplomatic withdraw is based on personal grounds.

“I was appointed by the President and approved by parliament but some personal problems have emerged, quite unforseen which have made it so difficult for me to take up the High Commissioner role in the United Kingdom”, said Ntaba

When questioned on the story that he was rejected by the UK due to links in the dispelling of former British Ambassador to Malawi, Ntaba vehemently blasted the reports.

“These are pure lies and it is very shameful for the media personnel who are spreading such lies. After the appointment was announced, the British government approved my name,” said Ntaba.

On his part, Minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda also rebuffed the reports.

Meanwhile inside source says Ntaba’s withdraw of his post is based on internal squabbles that have erupted within the Party.

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