Women around the world are carrying out a practice which not only leaves them in pain but at increased risk of HIV.

‘Dry sex’ involves women reducing moisture in their vaginas in order to make intercourse more pleasurable for men, according to the Daily Mail report.

“Dry sex is known to be carried out in South and Central Africa, and Indonesia,” the report says. “It is borne out of a cultural belief that men find sex more pleasurable if a woman’s vagina is dry, and that men will reject women whose vaginas have been ‘stretched out’ by sex.

“To achieve dryness, women insert, chalk, sand, pulverized rock, herbs, paper or sponges before sex, according to journalist Ms Syfret, who has reported on the practice in South Africa.

“They also douse their vaginas in detergents, antiseptics, alcohol and bleach. This can lead to cuts, sores and inflammation in the vagina, and increases the chance of a condom breaking.”

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  1. Koma mpaka vaginayo kumpangira that big poster nkumamuonetsa choncho? MMMmm. Masiku omalizadi awa.


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