Director of Public Officers Assets Declaration (DPOAD) Christopher Tukula has said he will report all Public officers who have differed orders to declare their assets to Parliament and Judicially for a possible punishment.

The development follows the closure of assets declaration window for public officers which it’s due was December 31 2014.

“Those who did not declare their assets will be reported to parliament and the judiciary since these bodies is mandated to act on the defaulters,” said Tukula.

Tukula added that the report of all public officers who have declared their assets will be out by the end of this January. However, he remained coy on whether names of those who have ducked the process will also be published in the report.

“The report will be out at the end of this month and the public will be able to access it once out,” adding that police requested for an extension of time to have their declarations fully prepared and submitted, arguing they were preoccupied with intensive duties over the festive season.

Assets Director’s office which is the first of its kind in Malawi’s history was created to address quarries raised by Malawians on how public officers in the country especially the President, his Vice, Cabinet ministers and other heads of public institution accumulated worth when they are in office.

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